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  • 1951 Mr. Jong-Fa Ou founds Taipei Freight Transportation Company which specializes in inland haulage         of heavy odd-shaped cargo.

  • 1967 Business is expanded and the name is changed to Tungya Transportation & Terminal Ltd.
             Tungya hauls the very first container ever to arrive in Taiwan.

  • 1969 Tungya builds Taiwan's first container terminal in WuTu serving the port of Keelung.

  • 1972 The company's name is changed to Tungya Transportation & Terminal Company Ltd., and we build          our second container terminal in Kaohsiung.
             The container leasing department is established to provide customers with container leashing and          refurbishing services.

  • 1977 Tungya pioneers interport-transportation operations between the ports of Keelung and Kaohsiung.
             Avanced fleet dispatching concepts and equipment maintainence techniques from the USA are
             employed to boost fleet efficiency and longevity.

  • 1978 Modern management systems are introduced and an Electronic Data Processing Center ( the first in          the industry ) is established to computerize operations.

  • 1980 The ocean forwarding department opens in Taipei , and a container leasing and repair center is
             established in Kaoshiung.

  • 1983 Tungya builds the Yang-Mei container terminal thus completing the island's northern , middle and
             southern service networks.

  • 1987 Tungya sanctions and assists local labor unions to further promote harmony and co-operation between          employees and employer.

  • 1990 The Taichung container depot is established to increase handling volume and service efficiency.

  • 1992 The Overseas Investment department is created to utilize the companies resources and business
             know-how to foster versatile , international operations and projcts.

  • 1993 Asia Pacific Freight Service is established in Hong-Kong.

  • 1997 The Logistic Division is formed to fully satisfy customer needs.

  • 2002 SGS certifies Tungya's WuTu terminal and issues an ISO9001 , 2000 version certificate.
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