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Quality Commitment

Tungya Terminal and Transportation System

Quality Commitment



Interpretation Objective
Ongoing operation Safety First Devote all of our efforts to safeguarding both people and cargo

1.Ensure that heavy equipment damage rate is lower than 5 %.

2.Ensure that transportation accident rate does not exceed 2% in one million kilometers.

Proactive Service Find ways to improve our level of service 3.Container pick up within 30 minutes.
Continued improvement Innovation and service quality enhancement 4. Improvement of customer satisfaction rate by 20 % per year.

Definition :

1.Heavy equipment (gantry crane / 5 units and forklift / 3 units) failure rate is calculated by taking the number
of nonworking days and dividing them by the number of working days per year. This rate should be lower
than 5%.

2.Transportation accident rate means the number of accidents divided by one million kilometers. This rate should not exceed 2%.

3. Our goal is to make sure that drivers can get a container within 30 minutes.

4.Example: if this year we received a 75 point customer satisfaction rating, then we should receive 5 additional points next year.

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