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Kaohsiung Port Operation Busin

Service Features 1.Convenient operation because of our own space (Wutu,
   Yangmei, and Kaohsiung)
2.Professional staff meet your needs immediately.
Service Item
  • W#121 CFS warehouse service
  • W#75 CFS warehouse service
  • W#68 & W#69 CFS warehouse service
  • W#121 Warehouse square measure
  • W#75 Warehouse square measure
  • W#69 Warehouse square measure
  • W#121 Tel:(07) 571-0407 Fax:(07) 571-0406
  • W#75 Tel:(07) 811-2442 Fax:(07) 811-2437
  • W#69 Tel:(07) 821-4514 Fax:(07) 821-4501
Manager E-mail TEL FAX
Michael Hsieh (07) 841-0401 (07) 821-6117

Kaohsiung Map:

Route 1:From the Sun Yat-sen Freeway No.1 exit at of Chung Shan Rd. interchange and drive towards Kaohsiung airport. When you see the Chin Fu Rd., take a left turn and after 500m you will have arrived.

Route 2:Go to the end of the Sun Yat-sen Freeway No.1, turn left onto Chouya 1 Rd., and then goes straight. When you see the sign for Chin Fu Rd., take a left turn and you will have arrived.

(C)2001 TEL : (02) 8648-2111 EMAIL :